Online Appointment.

An online appointment is for people who are unable to attend the clinic. In the appointment the practitioner will take a detailed history of your symptoms, provide a diagnosis, educate you about the problem and provide advice. They will be able to prescribe or demonstrate a tailored exercise program to help rehabilitate you.

Initial appointments can last up to 30 minutes (but may be shorter) You will have a chance to email the practitioner over the following days should you have any follow-up questions. Alternatively, they may recommend a follow-up appointment (around 20 mins) a few days later as your condition improves.

Initial online appointment 30
Follow up online appointment 20

History and diagnosis

The practitioner will take a detailed history of your current symptoms as well as any previous injuries or underlying health conditions. The benefit of video link is that they may even ask you to perform a few simple movements to ask how it changes your pain (ie a basic examination). Based on this information they can form a diagnosis.

Once they know what the problem is they can give you advice, reassurance and then guide you on how long it will take until you feel better.